Handheld Steam Cleaners for Bird Cage Cleaning

Handheld Steam Cleaners
See over 10 different handheld steam cleaners below. When it comes to how to clean a bird cage and choosing the right bird cage cleaning supplies, a hand held steamer is one tool to consider. These units can be an effective way to clean and disinfect not just a bird's cage, but parrot perches, bird toys and feeding dishes as well. The concentrated, pressurized steam can be directed into small cracks and crevices that can't be reached by a brush dipped in a cleaning solution. Best of all, a steamer uses very little water, which allows most items being cleaned to dry out much quicker than a brush and water approach. This is particularly beneficial if cloth towel cannot be used to dry the area being cleaned. The handheld steamer styles being shown vary from small capacity, fixed head designs to larger capacity units with flexible hose attachments. If you have a small bird cage to clean, one of the smaller capacity units may work just fine. If you're cleaning a large parrot cage, consider a unit with a larger water reservoir. You could use a smaller unit, but when the water runs out, you'll need to wait for the unit to cool down before refilling. Another consideration is whether or not to get a unit that comes with a flexible extension hose. These hoses can make it much easier to clean hard-to-reach areas. Given that many of the units not only come with a hose but with various other attachments, unrelated to bird cage cleaning, you'll most likely find other great uses for a steamer around the home.

To help you locate a particular unit (if it's still available), we’ve included information below most pictures for you to copy and paste into the web search bar provided. Given that businesses come and go and products get discontinued, some of these portable steam cleaners may no longer be available. For creative tips on searching, check out our Search Tips.