Hanging Parrot Play Gyms - Bird Play Stands

Parrot Play Gyms
See over 50 different hanging bird play stands and parrot play gyms below. These hanging play gyms for birds range in sizes for small cockatiels to large macaws. If you have an active parrot and can make room for a hanging bird perch, you might consider setting one up. Unlike stationary parrot perches, these bird play gyms move with the bird to keep things interesting. The movement of these hanging type bird swings perfects a bird’s balance and promotes foot health, particularly those made with natural tree branches that offer varied perch shapes and diameters to grip.

Manzanita, ribbon wood, dragon wood, bottle brush and grape vine are some of the most popular natural woods being used. Others are made from fluted plastic pipe or PVC with surface texturing added for grip. Some are small enough to fit inside a large cage while others must be hung from the ceiling. Ceiling guards, which keep a bird from climbing up and chewing the ceiling texture, are sold separately and should be considered for the adventuresome bird. If you’re looking at a hanging parrot gym as a place to let your bird hang out for extended periods, you might consider a model that comes with food and water cups or be prepared to add them yourself. Models with catch trays will certainly minimize or postpone cleaning. However, having a Dust Buster or one of the vacuum sticks (like an Electrolux) parked near by will be a worth while investment.

To help you locate a particular bird stand (if it's still available), we’ve included information below most pictures for you to copy and paste into the web search bar provided. Given that business come and go and products get discontinued, some of these bird stands may no longer be available. For creative tips on searching, check out our Search Tips.