About the Perch Factory

Mandrin Duck
About The Perch Factory

With a name like Perch Factory, it’s reasonable to think that we make stuff and sell it. We use to, but we don't any longer. We’ve simply kept our old name and now use it to post some of the newest and most interesting pet bird products that we find around the web - from other 'factories.'

If you keep a pet bird, have an interest in parrot related products or just enjoy seeing what’s new, this will be a fun site for you to check out from time to time. If you want to see some of the newest finds as we discover them, just ‘Like us’ on and get our latest product postings delivered to your facebook newsfeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be adding other parrot and pet bird-related product categories?

Why do you include products that are no longer available or discontinued?
Since this site is a picture library of present and past products, we do not limit the site to items that are readily available. Showing 'past' products may inspire new innovation and challenge current manufacturers to be different.

Do you sell or endorse any of the pet bird products shown?
No. We're just having a lot of fun posting a lot of pictures of what's been done and what's being done.

How can I get the bird products I manufacture posted on your site?
Just let us know about them and where they can be seen on the web. We’re always looking for new and original things to post.

Contact Email: PerchFactory @ AOL .com