Search Tips that are Great to Know!

Search Tips That Are Great To Know!
We try to provide certain 'key' pieces of information below each picture on this site to help you search for an item - the "Brand Name," the "Generic Name" and the "Manufacturer's Name." Other search information provided may include an item number, size information or additional descriptive information. Use the information provided with each picture along with the following tips for better search results.

1. Know how to use QUOTE marks (" "). If there are key search word combinations that go together, like "peanut butter and jelly", use the quote marks around the phrase to tell the search engine you want search results that have those words in that order. This can be particularly helpful when part of your search string includes a company name like "Super Bird Creations".

2. Know how to use the PLUS sign (+) By putting the plus sign immediately in front of (no spaces) important search words or "key word combinations", you're telling the search engine this word or phrase is a must-have in the search results. For example, if the search word BIRD is a must-have, enter +BIRD. If the phrase "BIRD PERCH" is a must-have, enter +"BIRD PERCH".

3. Know how to use the MINUS sign (-) Using the minus sign immediately in front of a word (no spaces) tells the search engine NOT to return results having that word. For example, the word PERCH is also a type of fish. If your search results start coming back with references to fishing sites, you might add to your search string -FISH and -FISHING to avoid them. 4. Word order will change the results. Searching the phrases "Bird Shower Perches" or "Shower Perches for Birds" will return different results. Note: If you're not getting any search results or very few, start removing the quotes, pluses and minuses to broaden the search. Don't be surprised to see the "Perch Factory" show up at the top of results page. Obviously, you won't want to click on that link. Other good things to know: It won’t matter if you use Upper Case or lower case when entering search words. Most punctuation is ignored for search purposes. Use short descriptive phrases instead of full sentences.

4. Use the word OR between two possible search words, such as [ bird OR parrot ]. This will tell the search engine to return results that have either BIRD or PARROT.

NOTE: Some things can only be found by accident. If a website owner chooses to create their own unique description for a particular product and no reference is given to a brand name, manufacturer's name or commonly used generic description, it will be much harder to find. This is quite common given the many Mom and Pop manufacturers who produce their own designs and use "clever" product names to be different.

Creative Search Tips:

1. Using Google Translate, enter generic English words to get the spelling for other countries.  Then search for those terms using the foreign spelling.

2. EBay is around the world. If you find a product not sold here in the USA, be sure to check out eBay in other countries. Many foreign eBay sellers are willing to ship products to the US.